Boutique Hotels

One of the most popular trends in travel today is the rise of boutique hotels. Unlike large and impersonal traditional hotels, boutique hotels are known for more unique design, personalized service, and a more intimate travel experience.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are becoming more popular in most major cities. There are a number of boutique hotels in London visitors can book, ranging from elegant, luxurious accommodations to more upbeat and modern choices. Indeed, luxury hotels in London have begun to utilize techniques of boutique hotels, such as providing quality, chef-driven restaurants and featuring local artwork.

Spa hotels are another type of UK boutique hotels visitors can book. In this type of lodging, a high-quality spa is provided for guests’ health needs, whether a massage, facial treatment, or simply using a sauna after exercise in the hotel fitness room. For those who value luxurious down time or healthy living, spa hotels are a wonderful attraction.

Boutique hotels are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff who feel it is important to provide individualized service to each guest. They may provide dining recommendations, arrange for transportation, and even provide forgotten toiletry items. The point is make the guests of boutique hotels feel cared for in a personal way, whereas most corporate chain hotels are more polite and distant.

Another advantage of boutique hotels are their size. Whereas many large hotels have massive floors filled with hundreds of rooms, boutique hotels are usually smaller and may feature only a few dozen to a hundred rooms. This enables the more personalized service and allows more luxurious furnishings to be used in the smaller amount of space. There is often a social feeling among guests that one does not find in larger hotels and lodging; London boutique hotels often have a more sociable layout that enables guests to trade tips on sightseeing attractions and dining options in the area.

Whether looking for a quiet retreat or a happening hotel, boutique hotels should be considered for a more unique lodging experience. With personalized service and luxurious amenities, they provide an alternative to the predictable atmosphere of larger hotels.

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